You Better Run Records

You Better Run Records is the umbrella under which I gather all of my production work (under the pseudonym, Jake Lake). It contains material ranging from the extremely raw, to the neatly polished.

This is an album by the Sunday Republic. On this project I acted as band leader, chief song writer, audio engineer and producer. I developed a wide range of skills through working, and taught myself a fair few more along the way. The project has many rough edges, however I am extremely proud of the work we did together and hope that one day we will all live in the same country again…

This is an EP of three songs I produced for Mark Swift. The songs were chosen by Mark, though I helped out with arrangement and instrumentation. A version of Idumea without Mark’s vocals appears on the Looking Back soundtrack.

Here is an album of mine, which I am particularly fond of, containing material from the last two or three years, right through to the present: