As part of Offensive Magenta Games, I worked with Saran Walker and Scott D’arcy on Selene, a game also inspired by the settings of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, and submitted for a project as part of our MSc’s. In this project I focused solely on creating and integrating the audio game’s audio environment. I produced a reactive musical score using FMOD’s transition system, and developed sound design elements which reacted dynamically with the player’s position in the world. I wrote the C# code to integrate the music and sound design systems.

The game was well received on the course, and was a featured game on Gamejolt. In addition we were selected to present the game to Brian Eno in a workshop when he visited Edinburgh University in 2016. He was very complementary of the game and its audio elements.

The game can be found on Offensive Magenta Games’ Gamejolt page, HERE

A video demonstration of the FMOD project for Selene:

The soundtrack to Selene can be found here: