The first game project I worked on was a collaboration with Russian multimedia artist, Bruma Gris in 2012. I approach Bruma after I found her work on DeviantArt and asked her about the possibility of working together. She told me she was working on a side-scrolling pixel art platforming game featuring humanoid cat as the main character, and asked if I could provide sound effects and music for the game. The project was made challenging by the fact that we did not speak a shared language; instead we relied on google translate to facilitate our conversation. We developed two playable levels of the game with audio implemented, which are demonstrated in the video above, however the project eventually came to a standstill due to technical issues on Bruma’s end.

I produced a six-track soundtrack for the game, posted below.

Bruma also produced a small animated image, which I used as a video for the song Kiss of The Glass Spider, from the soundtrack: