The project has moved on a bit since the last write up. Most importantly, I came to the realisation that it already looks and sounds like itself (there is some kind of paradox here as I’ve been talking about making it not sound like itself for a while, however what I mean more is that the H Y P E R T R O P E is formed of the pieces inside it, or this version anyway. To make it not sound like itself means to extend the flexibility of its sound and make it surprising). That to crowbar in any cowboy sounds or imagery would be to create something new at this late stage.

In other ways it have moved on: Control has been significantly reduced, down to four knobs, much to the benefit of the piece. The radios have been temporarily done away with in favour of random containers, so each time it is fired up it is uncertain how it will sound. The amount of sounds playing at any one time has been reduced from six (two tapes, four percs) to four (one tape, three percs), making it less fatiguing to listen to. Basic transitions have been added, from a title screen into the first zoetrope, and then when that is pushed far enough it becomes transparent, revealing a second one behind it. The first changes colour with this transparency, unexpected, but interesting. If it is pushed too far in any one direction audio and visual effects are added (these need work).

Plenty of work remains. One of the first things I want to do is to is to make it change itself, how it looks and sounds. The mechanism and structure of these changes is still somewhat unclear. Will they just change randomly, or reveal a different trope which sounds and looks a different way? I wrote ‘tweak envelopes’ so perhaps that needs to happen.

Owen recommended ‘A year from Monday’ by John Cage which I’ve been reading. I think I expected to find answers in it but more I guess it shows a way of thinking. Somewhat disspointing in that it didn’t spell out revelations to me, but worth looking at all the same. I brought Chion with me also, because it’s worth thinking about the relationship between Sound and vision. Is there a diegesis? Does the player create one as they rationalise the performance?

I will try to do more work today (unless we will walk somewhere nice – on Stornaway at the moment).